The US PlayStation Blog has just revealed a new narrative thriller named Those Who Remain. Due out in 2018, the game is being made by a small indie studio that calls itself Camel 101.

There's a spooky trailer, which we've embedded above, which suggests some sort of supernatural slant to the game's story. It takes place in the fictional town of Dormont, which just happens to be on a curse that's turned everything a bit grim.

"When our protagonist arrives in Dormont, he soon learns that he has more to face than his own inner demons. Mysterious entities roam through the dark, taking any who wander too close. In order to survive, you must stay in the light. Light means safety. Darkness equals death.

"The darkness is not the only abnormal thing in Dormont. There are strange portals connecting our world to another dimension. A dimension similar to ours, yet different — a kind of dark reflection of our own world. And just like reflections, actions in one dimension are mirrored in the other."

It certainly sounds intriguing. There's a heavy emphasis on choice and consequences too, as certain decisions you make will impact the ending.

What do you make of Those Who Remain? Turn on the lights in the comments below.