Those Who Remain is almost everything the horror genre has tried to get away from for the past couple of years. With gameplay that teeters between mundane, aimless puzzle-solving and the hide and seek loop which put Outlast on the map, this experience feels dated the moment it releases. It doesn't do anything terrible -- it's just mind-numbingly boring.

Arriving in the town of Dormont, protagonist Edward is confronted by the supernatural after trying to end an affair at a sleazy, neglected motel. That motive is quickly swept aside, however, as a battle to stay in the light takes precedence in the deserted borough. That's because a ghostly force is haunting the place, taking the shape of black figures which stick to the shadows and take the lives of anyone they can get their hands on.

What this really means for gameplay is first-person torment full of flipping light switches, turning on lamps, and switching between realities to brighten up the path ahead of you in the real world. It's incredibly unexciting, and the other side to this coin doesn't fare any better. Puzzle-solving ranges from basic to baffling. Mindlessly wandering the environment in search of items is nothing short of a chore while brute-forcing some brain teasers seems to be the best course of action. It's all incredibly dull to be brutally honest.

Some interesting imagery and decision making may come across as somewhat exciting, but they're thwarted by technical setbacks. The game fails to stick to a solid 30 frames per second, especially so when there's a lot going on, and visuals leave a lot to be desired.

Those Who Remain is a psychological horror experience completely lacking in scares and atmosphere. Its uninspired gameplay loop has already been done better time and time again, resulting in a dull, unnecessary title.