What’s the February 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup, then? It’s the question on everyone’s lips as we sprint towards the end of another month. And when will the latest PS Plus update even be announced? It’s a good question, as January happens to be one of those awkward months where it ends on a Wednesday, meaning we could be waiting quite a while for Sony to reveal the goods. Let's get into it.

When will February 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games be announced?

If Sony follows its usual announcement schedule, then February 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games should be revealed on Wednesday, 31st January. This is literally the last day of the month, however, so there’s a small possibility that the platform holder may opt to go earlier. Our guess is that it’ll keep you waiting, though.

When will February 2018’s free PS Plus games be available to download?

Sony always makes the free PlayStation Plus games available to download on the first Tuesday in every month, so in this instance you’re looking at Tuesday, 6th February.

What are February 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games?

Ah, that’s the question we all want answered. PlayStation Plus has really improved over the past year or so, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Telltale’s Batman as year openers were a sure-fire sign of intent. Shadow of the Colossus is scheduled to release around the same time as the February 2018 PS Plus update, but there’s zero chance you’ll be nabbing that for free. Instead, we expect the manufacturer to delve into its archives yet again – here’s hoping it can keep the high-quality content flowing.

Which free February 2018 PlayStation Plus games do you want?

Here’s the question, then: what free February 2018 PlayStation Plus games do you want? Would you like the platform holder to plump up for something meaty like Deus Ex again – or would you prefer some high-quality indie titles for a change? It’s been a while, actually, since Sony plumped up for a lower-profile digital download, so it might be nice to see it adopt that direction. Also, how are you feeling about the PS3 and PS Vita giveaways of late? Is it time to cut them out of the lineup?

What free February 2018 PS Plus games do you want? Are you looking forward to next month’s lineup? You know the drill in the comments section below.