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The replacement for Adam Boyes in one of PlayStation’s most important positions has left the company after just a year, according to a Games Beat report. Ex-Harmonix chief Florian Hunziker was recruited in January 2017 as Head of Third-Party Developer Relations to fill the shoes of the aforementioned charismatic suit, but has already parted way with the Japanese giant. It’s not entirely clear why Hunziker’s departed.

It’ll leave the firm searching for a new successor in what has emerged as one of the most important roles at the organisation. Boyes laid the foundation for a lot of the PlayStation 4’s success, famously using developer feedback to encourage the company to increase the console’s RAM, while also lining up a series of high-profile marketing partnerships for titles like Watch Dogs and Destiny.

It comes at a time when there have been various other shake-ups within PlayStation’s hierarchy, including the departure of group president Andrew House and the promotion of veteran employee Jim Ryan