monster hunter world ps4 gameplay.jpg

The game's only been out for one weekend, but Capcom says that Monster Hunter: World is already the fastest selling entry in the series' history. Combining digital sales with shipped figures, the Japanese publisher states that the game has shifted 5 million copies, which is pretty darn impressive. Again, World launched on Friday last week.

It's already topped the UK charts, and although we won't have the numbers until later this week, it's fair to assume that the title has done incredibly well in its native Japan, where the series has always been an absolute juggernaut. World's initial figures have pushed the franchise past 45 million total sales, but it's worth remembering that Monster Hunter has never been hugely popular outside of Japan. It's looking like this latest release is going to change that.

Are you surprised Monster Hunter: World is doing so well right out of the gate? We know you're hopelessly addicted, but please leave the game for just a second in order to hit up the comments section below.