We haven't seen Prince of Persia on PlayStation since 2010's Forgotten Sands on PS3. Time sure does fly when you're not mucking about with it to get through puzzles and death traps.

Fortunately, it seems that the originator of the series, Jordan Mechner, is trying to bring it back. Responding to American model (and Prince of Persia fan) Christine Teigen on Twitter, he said "We're doing our best to make it happen!"

However, Mechner's wasn't the only response Teigen received. Ubisoft Montréal also piped up: "Unfortunately, the Prince of Persia franchise is still on pause at the moment..."

From where we're sitting, it appears that Mechner is keen on bringing Prince of Persia to modern machines, but Ubisoft isn't playing ball right now. Only time will tell if his efforts see the light of day. Whatever happens, it's an interesting exchange.

Are you hoping to see Prince of Persia come to PS4? Do you have fond memories of the older games? Rewind time in the comments below.

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