Best PS4 Music of November 2017

The November issue of Push Play marks the last release before we close out the year by talking about the best scores of the year. It was also a bit of an underwhelming month. The most notable soundtracks were scores to games that have been around for a number of years and just saw re-releases like Skyrim VR, Star Ocean: The Last Hope,  and L.A. Noire. There were still a couple gems to be found out there though, including one especially exciting title.

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

I've had Sukeban games cyberpunk visual novel sitting on my list for 'Soundtracks of the Year' for a couple of years now. It was just a matter of when the oft-discussed PS Vita port of the title was going to drop. Joyfully, it finally has – only in the US for now, but it's still out nonetheless – so we get to talk about how incredible this bartending game's soundtrack is. In addition to being an incredible game in general, and one of the best indies of recent years, Garoad's soundtrack is remarkable. You'll be hearing about this game's music again at the end of the year, that's for sure.

Call of Duty: WWII

First up is one of the only notable new AAA scores from November. Bringing a new sound to the series, Wilbert Roget II crafted a really fascinating and interesting score for Activision’s long-running cash-cow. With a plethora of interesting melodies and just a generally great soundscape, the score was one of the strongest elements for the annual shooter series’ release. We actually got to interview Wilbert about his work on this game’s music which you can check out through here.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

The expansion for Guerilla’s GOTY candidate, much like the main game, featured a brilliant soundtrack. With a wide variety of sounds and a lot of great reprises of the main game’s score, the expansion did a great job of pulling off the “same, but different” approach to the music and Joris De Man, and The Flight knocked it out of the park.

Far From Noise

The fascinating visual novel involving a woman who befriends a deer while stuck in a car hanging over a cliff was a game that greatly impressed us. For something to remain interesting for as long as Far From Noise given how few sequences there were was a testament to the quality of the games writing. But another area that deserves praise for selling the game so well was the exceptional score courtesy of Geoff Lentin. Calming, beautiful, and emotionally powerful, the music was one of several standout elements from the title. Check out the Far From Noise soundtrack through here.

Hand of Fate 2

The unique and interesting pseudo-card game sequel from Defiant Development had a lot to like. An almost across the board improvement on the first title, the game also had an immaculate soundtrack. Jeff Van Dyck’s music perfectly captures the bizarre fantasy world presented to you by the mysterious dealer. The score is chock-full of beautiful melodies, especially vocally, and the game’s sound is absolutely pristine. Check out the Hand of Fate 2 soundtrack through here.

This month had a little less in the tank as far as good soundtracks, but the one’s that did end up standing out were phenomenal. Think of them as the last hurrah before we reflect on the best music the entire year had to offer.