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Destiny 2's first expansion is due out in just a couple of weeks or so, but despite Bungie's best efforts to showcase the add-on via recent livestreams, the community doesn't seem all that hyped -- or at least, people on the internet aren't.

Now, we know all too well that forums and other places of online discussion tend to be quite negative, but it's hard not to feel as though the expansion has so far been met with a resounding "meh". It's no secret that many hardcore players have been scraping the barrel for weeks now when it comes to listing reasons to keep playing Destiny 2, and the problem is that Curse of Osiris doesn't appear to be doing much to beef up the title's lacking endgame.

The expansion clearly has some cool stuff going for it. For example, The Infinite Forest sounds interesting and looks great, but when the developer highlighted it during the latest livestream, the rewards it offered seemed laughable; the chest presented right at the end of the lengthy mission contained a blue engram and two expansion-specific tokens. Really, all it did was underline one of Destiny's ongoing core issues: a lack of meaningful loot.

Curse of Osiris brings two new Strikes along for the ride, but Bungie has decided to incorporate them into the add-on's story. The studio says that this is so it can show more players what Strikes are all about since they're typically classed as endgame content, but again, the community hasn't reacted positively. Instead, it's questioning why the same content is being used twice, both as part of the story and as a means to flesh out the Strike playlist. It's a cynical way to look at it, but it's a point that's difficult to ignore. These expansions aren't cheap, after all.

Right now, it feels like Bungie's got a lot work to do if it's going to get people excited for Curse of Osiris. Hardcore players aren't convinced that the expansion will patch up the game's problems, and more casual players haven't really been shown anything that makes them desperate to dive back into Destiny 2. Heck, even the few previews that are floating around the 'net are lukewarm on the expansion at best.

What are your thoughts on Curse of Osiris? Are you looking forward to it, or have you been left unimpressed by what you've seen so far? Find some cover and reload in the comments section below.