destiny 2 infinite forest.jpg

Destiny 2's first expansion, Curse of Osiris, is bringing a bunch of new bits and pieces to the game. It's upping the level cap for starters, and introducing new story missions alongside some offshoot Raid content. But perhaps its most interesting addition comes in the form of the 'Infinite Forest'.

Bungie hasn't said too much about what the Infinite Forest will entail, but we know the basics. Essentially, it's a constantly changing location that reflects the past, present, and future of Destiny's world. Created by the Vex, it supposedly simulates reality, which is an intriguing concept in itself.

As far as gameplay goes, this means that every time you enter the Infinite Forest, it'll have changed. You may find fresh enemies, or the environment itself may twist into something new. It doesn't sound too different from the kind of randomised dungeons that you get in a game like Diablo III, which has us wondering whether it'll become one of the shooter's more enticing elements, particularly where replay value is concerned. 

Curse of Osiris isn't too far away -- it launches on the 5th December, and comes as part of the title's expansion pass. Are you looking forward to its arrival? Imagine infinite possibilities in the comments section below.