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The one rumour that just refuses to go away: Devil May Cry 5 is real and it's coming to PlayStation 4. The game's existence has been brought up countless times over the last couple of years, but there's been no official word from Capcom. However, the whispers have really began to pick up the pace recently with PlayStation Experience 2017 looming on the horizon.

There was a leak earlier this month that suggested both Devil May Cry 5 and SoulCalibur VI will turn up at Sony's event. Admittedly, it seemed rather hard to believe, but like we say, the rumours just won't stop, and this latest one comes courtesy of ResetEra.

According to one forum user, Devil May Cry 5 -- stylised as Devil May Cry V -- has been in development for two years. However, it won't actually be revealed at PSX 2017. Supposedly, Sony took note of fan feedback after its E3 press conference this year, and thus has decided to scale back PSX 2017. This information coincides with what the Japanese giant itself has stated. As such, it's apparently unlikely that the game will be revealed this year.

Moving into finer details, it'll supposedly star Dante, it'll have some sort of PlayStation exclusivity, and it's taken inspiration from Dragon's Dogma, although it's stressed that the title won't be open world. The forum post itself goes into more depth, so give that a read if you really want to get your hype pumping,

As always, though, we have to point out that this is still just a post on an internet forum. It may turn out to be correct, or it may end up being complete nonsense. We don't know. It's worth keeping in mind, however, that the user in question will receive a permanent ban over on ResetEra if the information is found to be false. That factor perhaps adds some weight to the claims.

What do you make of all this? Are you ready for a new Devil May Cry? Do you believe the rumours? Pull off some mad combos in the comments section below.