So, Ubisoft popped up earlier this week and said that it doesn't expect the next generation of consoles to launch for at least another couple of years. In other words, the company doesn't think that Sony is going to release the PS5 until late 2019 at the earliest. The publisher promises it doesn't have any inside knowledge on what the industry's console makers are planning, but its comments have sparked a specific discussion: when should the PS5 launch?

And that's why we've slapped together another cheeky Friday poll. The PlayStation 4 is four years old now, and in previous generations, we'd probably be expecting its successor to be announced in the relatively near future. In the past, five years was generally the kind of lifetime that you'd expect of a home console, but the PlayStation 3 kept up the fight for an extended six or seven years before the PS4 hit, and when you look at the current-gen systems output across 2017 alone, you get the feeling that this generation is going to stretch on beyond that traditional five years as well.

We put it to you lot, then: when should the PS5 launch? Should Sony cash in on PlayStation's momentum and push the PS5 sooner rather than later, or should it take its time and let the PS4 continue its domination for another few years? Vote in our polls, and then make some bold predictions in the comments section below.

What year do you think the PS5 should launch? (305 votes)

  1. 2018, Sony should ride its momentum and launch it as soon as possible4%
  2. 2019, it's not too far away but it still gives the PS4 some space21%
  3. 2020, there's no rush when the PS4 is still selling well52%
  4. Beyond 2020, this generation can continue for a long time yet23%

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If Sony theoretically launched the PS5 next year, would you be ready? (285 votes)

  1. Absolutely, I'd be there day one17%
  2. Probably, although I'd prefer if Sony waited longer than that20%
  3. Nah, 2018 is just too soon for me28%
  4. No, I would definitely be against buying a PS5 next year35%

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