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Gran Turismo Sport is one of the biggest PlayStation VR compatible brands available right now, so it makes sense for Sony to bundle the simulation racer with the hardware. Unfortunately, the functionality is so disappointingly limited that this kinda feels like a bad pack-in – hopefully Polyphony Digital has been paying attention to the positive feedback and is working to expand the scope of its virtual reality support.

Nevertheless, a GT Sport PlayStation VR bundle is heading to North American retail in the coming days. The package will cost you $399.99 in the United States and $499.99 in Canada, and comes with a brand new headset, a PlayStation Camera, a copy of GT Sport, and an “updated version” of the PSVR demo disc, which includes 13 playable games and experiences.

It’s a good deal, because it essentially means you’re getting the new Gran Turismo for free as part of the package. And a little birdie tells us that this bundle will be dropping as low as $299.99 at select retailers on Black Friday, which is the cheapest that PlayStation VR has ever been as far as we’re aware. Time to jump in?