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One of the few remaining attractions on Twitter, the outstanding CEO Kaz Hirai, has announced his retirement. The best parody account this side of Boring Milner has been a frequent source of hilarity for years now – even catching the eye of the popular ex-PlayStation executive during a CES press briefing a few years ago.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and the quick-witted prankster has decided to hang up his Tweet Deck – but not until after E3 2018 at the earliest. The mystery man behind the iconic account cited a lack of time to keep up with gaming news as one of the reasons behind his retirement. He also suggested that he’s run out of jokes: “It turns out there are a finite number of ways you can say ‘nobody wants a Vita’,” he wrote.

With over 100,000 followers, CEO Kaz Hirai is one of the most popular gaming parody accounts on Twitter – well, assuming you ignore Aaron Greenberg’s handle, we guess. It’ll be a sad day when the faux executive finally steps down, but hopefully he’s got one or two more The Last Guardian gags in his locker before he officially calls it a day.

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