Kaz Hirai PS4 PlayStation 4 1

The highlight of Sony's CES 2016 presser yesterday was Kaz Hirai presenting a slew of handpicked memes all based upon himself. The executive has admitted that the Japanese giant is willing to embrace its mistakes in the past, and he illustrated that again overnight, using some of parody account @KazHiraiCEO's tweets to show that the firm's not beyond criticism.

In truth, it was a very human moment from a media briefing that had more staged interactions than a theatre production, and he even giggled at some of the GIFs shown on the big screen. During the same portion of the presser, Hirai was also keen to point out that Sony will be more profitable moving forwards – and that aim was evidenced by its much more focused product portfolio.

Honestly, we reckon that the organisation's in a decent place right now. Not only is it well-humoured enough to poke fun at itself, but it also seems like Kaz has successfully cut the bloat from the company since taking charge. It doesn't hurt that the PlayStation 4's selling like crazy, of course – something that the executive was eager to boast about on stage.