Sony’s new smartphone gaming initiative PlayLink for the PlayStation 4 has gotten off to a great start with party title That’s You, and the platform holder’s hoping to add to the fledgling line’s catalogue later this year with Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games’ crime thriller Hidden Agenda and much more.

The platform holder’s confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that the award-winning detective drama will drop on 24th October, and will encourage you to play in groups as you steer the direction of the story with friends. It’ll be joined on the same date by two other titles: trivia title Knowledge is Power and karaoke revival SingStar Celebration.

Finally, minigame compilation Frantics will launch on 13th March. All of these titles can be played with a smartphone or tablet, as opposed to the DualShock 4. It’s all part of the platform holder’s attempts to open the PS4 up to a new audience, as it targets 100 million units for its current console.