PlayStation Credit Card 1

Sony’s bringing out a new PlayStation Credit Card which promises to reward you for your loyalty. Conceived in conjunction with Capital One, the plastic will see you multiplying your Sony Rewards points by up to five times when you use it to purchase PlayStation Store content and other Sony products. You’ll also get triple points when you use the credit card to pay off your mobile phone bill, and you’ll earn standard points on everyday items, too.

There are other perks, too: you’ll get a $50 PSN voucher when you activate your card and make your first purchase, and you’ll be credited half your PlayStation Plus membership fee when you renew upon spending $3,000 per annum. Moreover, you’ll be eligible for 10 per cent off services like PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue, and PlayStation Music. So ultimately, this is looking like a good deal if you’re an engaged PlayStation fan.

For those of you that don’t know, Sony Rewards points can be used to claim all sorts of products, like PS4 games, accessories, and movies. You can find out more about the new PlayStation Credit Card through here. Just a note: this is only available in the United States for now.