The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Pro PlayStation 4 1

The Last of Us Remastered’s support for the PlayStation 4 Pro has been improved – and yes, supersampling is back if you happen to be a 1080p television owner. As part of update v1.09 – or update v1.03 if you specifically own the standalone version of DLC pack The Last of Us: Left Behind – you’ll now be able to select from a variety of performance options, which promise “greater flexibility” for owners of Sony’s supercharged system.

The patch also includes a handful of bug fixes, and eradicates some exploits uncovered in the title’s multiplayer Factions mode. It’s nice to see continued support for one of Sony’s flagship games – although in the case of these PS4 Pro tweaks, it’s ‘cos the developer kinda cocked things up first time around by inexplicably patching out supersampling entirely.