Star Wars Battlefront PS4 playStation 4 1

Star Wars Battlefront’s full Season Pass is currently free on the European PlayStation Store, meaning that you’ll be able to claim all of the sci-fi shooter's expansion packs without paying a penny. While some had originally assumed that this was an error, its cost has also been eradicated on Xbox Live, suggesting that this is a deliberate move.

We’ll contact EA to try and find out for sure, but this seems like a good primer for the forthcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2, which is due out a little later in the year. The publisher’s said that it wants to largely do away with the Season Pass model for future games, so we suppose it makes sense to give the community one last opportunity to play together before the sequel deploys.

Update (16:00 BST): The Season Pass is only currently free on the European PlayStation Store. We assume North America will follow later today, but will update when we know more.

Update (23:30 BST): The Season Pass is now free in North America, too.