Call of Duty Endowment_Double Duty Pack.jpg

Here's a feel good Friday story for you: The Call of Duty Endowment -- a charitable fund based in the US -- is expanding its reach to the UK. The foundation works to help veterans find employment, which is obviously a good cause.

Apparently, the foundation has smashed its targets in recent times, helping tens of thousands of veterans into jobs over the last few years. It's now looking to find high-class employment for 50,000 veterans by 2019.

The fact that The Call of Duty Endowment is making its way overseas is evidence of its success, and we suppose it just goes to show what video game brands can achieve. As for its actual connection to Activision's big shooter series, the charity was founded in 2009 by none other than CEO Bobby Kotick.

What's more, in order to help fund UK endowment programmes, the publisher's added a little something to Black Ops III. Basically, you can snag 'The Call of Duty Endowment Double Duty Calling Card' in the game, which comes with three rare supply drops. Naturally, UK proceeds received by Activision "will go towards Endowment programmes dedicated to finding veterans high quality work".