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PlayStation Europe's official Twitter account has just teased "something new" complete with a ten second video clip. Said clip shows a red sheet covering some sort of object, which, going by the shape alone, must be hardware related.

As you'd expect, the tweet has already stimulated a lot of speculation. Some are whispering PS5 - of course it isn't - while others are wondering if it's a new PS4 model. But why would Sony be hinting at such a thing now, when it doesn't have any kind of Gamescom press conference this year?

Sadly, we're going to put a dampener on all of this say that it could be a new region-specific bundle. The Japanese giant will no doubt be preparing a bunch of different packages for the upcoming holidays, so we wouldn't be surprised. That said, there has to be something to this if it's worthy of its own teaser, right?

What do you reckon this is? Try not to get too excited in the comments section below.