Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 PlayStation 4 Sony Guerrilla 1

Horizon: Zero Dawn has been a hit with hardcore gamers – but it’s also resonated with more casual players, too. Aloy is an outstanding character who’s pulled all kinds of players in, but not everyone’s able to beat Bloodborne with their elbows while wearing a blindfold. As such, Guerrilla Games is prepping the release of a brand new patch today which adds ‘Story’ difficulty to the delightful role-playing game.

This is designed to make combat much easier for those who just want to enjoy the narrative. Essentially, it increases the amount of damage you'll inflict on enemies, and obviously lowers the amount that you'll receive. If your e-peen is flaccid over the very suggestion of a simpler difficulty setting, then keep in mind that the developer also added an ‘Ultra Hard’ option recently – we’re sure you can beat it with your hands tied.

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