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There are no Olympics until 2020, but Capcom likes to make a quick buck. To be fair, these sports-themed Street Fighter V costumes are pretty cool. There are three to choose from: Ibuki in a track outfit and trainers; Laura in an indoor volleyball kit (of course), and; Rashid in a football kit.

We do like the way the outfits look. All three will be available alongside divisive newcomer Abigail on 25th July. The costumes won’t be free, of course – you’ll need to cough up $3.99 to unlock them. We’re assuming that’s $3.99 for all three, but the publisher’s being purposely obtuse so expect the worst.

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Street Fighter 5 PS4 PlayStation 4 3

To be fair, it is giving away 30,000FM for free in August to celebrate the franchise’s 30th anniversary. That'll almost buy you a new stage.