Abigail, the daringly dressed penultimate foe from Final Fight, is the latest brawler to be added to Street Fighter V’s rapidly inflating roster – and he’s beefed up a bit since his Super Nintendo days. The enormous antagonist is literally so big that many franchise fans have pondered how grappling attacks will work against him – or if you’ll even be able to leap over his tower block-esque frame.

To be honest, we’re not massive fans of his design: his proportions are all over the place, and the tyre arm-bands he sports with ‘Mad Gear’ written on them are a bit on the nose. Nevertheless, if slow grapplers are your thing, ol’ Abi appears to have an interesting move-set – we quite like his juggling attacks.

The new challenger will drop a quarter into Capcom’s fighter on 25th July, and will be the fourth fighter made available as part of the title’s second Season Pass. He’ll be accompanied by a brand new stage based upon Metro City, which you can see for yourselves in the trailer embedded above. Dem arms, though.

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