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Following on from the recent news that Mass Effect 1 and 2 lead writer Drew Karpyshyn is helping to craft ANTHEM, BioWare has revealed that Mass Effect trilogy director Casey Hudson is returning to the developer after going off and doing his own thing for the last three years or so. Like Karpyshyn, Hudson will be lending his talents to ANTHEM, the studio's new sci-fi property.

Clearly BioWare's pulling in some established names for its latest project, which is a promising sign. Hudson, of course, helped shape the first three Mass Effect games into the beloved trilogy that we know today, so here's hoping that he can work similar magic with ANTHEM. BioWare vice president Aaryn Flynn -- also a veteran of the studio -- will be leaving the developer following Hudson's arrival.

Are you happy to see Hudson back at BioWare? Has this made you any more interested in ANTHEM? Dare to dream of a new sci-fi property as good as Mass Effect in the comments section below.