Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Boss Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy loves a good boss fight, and we’re here to help you smash them all. In this Crash Bandicoot boss guide you’ll find tips and strategies for beating all of Naughty Dog’s nasties. Most of the end-world encounters that you’ll face in this trio of platformers are pattern-based, so once you learn exactly how bouts are going to play out, you should be gravy. 

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Crash Bandicoot Boss Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

Crash Bandicoot Boss Guide

There are a total of six primary boss fights in the original Crash Bandicoot against a colourful collection of foes. Here’s how to beat them all.

How to defeat Papu Papu

As the first boss battle you’re likely to face in the N. Sane Trilogy, it’s fortunate that Papu Papu isn’t the smartest fiend you’ll face. The oafish individual likes to swing a tribal stick in 360-degree circles. All you need to do is leap over staff and bop the baddie on his uber-expensive head-dress. Beware because he will stop his swing and smash the ground if you’re not careful, so make sure you’re always on the move in order to avoid danger.

How to defeat Killer Roo

A hyperactive kangaroo with a penchant for TNT crates – what could possibly go wrong? You’ll need to memorise Killer Roo’s movement patterns and takedown the two-legged lump using the TNT crates that fall into the water. In the first phase he’ll hop between the centre, bottom-left, and bottom-right platforms. He’ll then move along all of the centre platforms and the bottom-centre square. Finally, he’ll move in a diamond-shape – bottom-centre, centre-left, top-centre, centre-right – in a clock-wise fashion.

How to defeat Koala Kong

Koala Kong is a koala bear with muscles befitting a pro-wrestler. When he throws rocks at you, spin to make sure they break up. After attempting to hit you three times, he’ll then pick up a bigger boulder and try to smash you with that. You need to either spin to fling it back, or dodge it and then fire it at him. Be careful of TNT crates, and make sure you time your return fire so that Koala Kong is not shielded by the mine-carts that move in front of him.

How to defeat Pinstripe Potoroo

Pinstripe Potoroo’s got a suit and a Tommy gun, so you know that he means business. The best way to beat this guy is to hide behind the furniture when he’s firing. He’ll eventually stop shooting and move to the other side of the room, so this is your window of opportunity to come out of cover and spin into the wannabe gangster. Eventually he’ll change up his attack pattern, climbing atop the table in the centre of the room. But even though he’s standing aloft, he’ll still struggle to stop his weapon from backfiring, which is your perfect opportunity to attack.

How to defeat Dr. Nitrus Brio (N. Brio)

Don’t you just hate mad scientific geniuses? Dodge the green vials that Dr. Nitrus Brio lobs your way and then leap over the sentient blobs that come out of them when they smash. You’re going to want to fling these back in the quackers quack’s face, so do so by spinning. Repeat this a few times, and the shrink will turn into Frankenstein’s monster. Bop him on his purple head to finish him off.

How to defeat Dr. Neo Cortex (N. Cortex)

Dr. Neo Cortex is an easy boss to beat on paper – but he’s real irritating in practice. Basically, all you need to do is spin into the green bolts that he flings your way, and avoid all of the other colours. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as straight-forward as that. The purple bolts will come at you very quickly, so you need to stay on the move. Watch out for the blue bolts, too, though, as they’ll move two-dimensionally across the stage, sometimes in a wave motion. And don’t think that spinning into a single green bolt will do the business: sometimes you may need to hit two or three to deplete one point ol’ Neo’s health bar.

Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back Boss Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Boss Guide

There are a total of five primary boss fights in sequel Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. Here’s how to thump them all.

How to defeat Ripper Roo

Remember this geezer? Well he’s back from the outback – and here’s how you can figuratively put him out the back. Unlike in the first game, TNT crates no longer bother our Australian friend – but Nitro boxes do. Basically you’re going to want to avoid every crate he drops, but spin attack him when he’s stunned after imploding some Nitro. This is another pattern-based bout. Stand bottom-left during the first round of TNT, then bottom-right for the first round of Nitro. Next, stand bottom-centre for the second round of TNT, and bottom-right again for the second round of Nitro. Finally, stand centre-left for the third and final round of TNT, and then bottom-centre for the third and final round of Nitro.

How to defeat the Komodo Brothers

There may be double the trouble here, but Komodo Brothers – named Joe and Moe by the way – shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. When spinning, keep out of Joe’s way, then attack him when he gets tired. Next you’re going to want to avoid Moe’s knives. Rinse and repeat this formula until both are attacking at the same time, then get in your last hit in order to see these extravagantly attired reptiles off.

How to defeat Tiny Tiger

Here kitty, kitty. Tiny Tiger may not be quite so, y’know, tiny – but he’s pretty dumb. The way to beat him is by luring him onto falling platforms, which flash before they drop down. This one’s really straight-forward on paper, but pretty tough in execution. Stay on the move and keep your wits about you, and this baddie will go down – literally.

How to defeat Dr. Neo Gin (N. Gin)

How are you going to beat N. Gin’s giant rocket-powered machine? With, er, Wumpa fruit of course. Toss the apples attached to the left-and-right pincers of N. Gin’s mech, ensuring to leap over any laser attacks. Then go for the homing missiles on his shoulders, before platforming between the levitating surfaces and finishing him off with some ripe ol’ fruit.

How to defeat Dr. Neo Cortex (N. Cortex)

It’s jet pack time! Avoid the hazards and remain on N. Cortex’s tail. Spin attack him when you’re close enough, and he’ll be toast. Yes, that’s really it – easier said than done, though.

Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped Boss Guide PS4

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Boss Guide

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