If you've been a fan of the PlayStation brand since the good old days of the PSone, then there's a good chance that June brought back some fond memories. Last month saw the return of three properties that once helped define Sony's console - and every one of them has managed to secure a place in our Game of the Month article. But which golden oldie took the top spot in our staff poll? There's only one way to find out...

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Bronze Trophy: WipEout Omega Collection

Anti-gravity racing is back to make your eyes melt on PS4 thanks to WipEout Omega Collection. Combining the sublime WipEout HD Fury with Vita title WipEout 2048, this is a stellar high-speed package. Editor Sammy Barker called it "an impressive remaster that shines at high speeds" in our review, before awarding it a solid score of 7/10. You just can't beat a good bit of WipEout.

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Silver Trophy: Tekken 7

Tekken's back and it's pulling very few punches. The King of the Iron Fist Tournament kicked our arses last month, and we still find ourselves returning to the ring for more. Tekken 7 is a brilliantly tight and satisfying fighter - one of the most impressive brawlers on PS4. According to our review, "Tekken 7 is a fantastic fighting game, and one of the best entries in the series." A deserved 8/10.

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Gold Trophy: Nex Machina

Another gem nicked by Overlord Barker, Nex Machina is a shockingly compelling slice of arcade action. "Nex Machina is everything that an arcade game should be: addictive and accessible yet bursting with hidden depth," he wrote in our review. "This is a near-perfect complement to the ridiculously good Resogun, and deserves to find a place among your PS4's hard drive space," he concluded. 9/10 it is.

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Platinum Trophy: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

It may not have been the most highly rated release of June 2017, but the popularity of Crash Bandicoot's return can't be denied. Reborn on PS4, the furry mascot is jumping, spinning, and sliding into homes all over the globe once again - it's a weird, but not unwelcome feeling.

Sammy reviewed this one as well, eventually awarding it an 8/10. He wrote: "Tough as nails but just as tight as you remember, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is tasty trip down memory lane. The visual upgrade is nothing short of spectacular, and while the design of these iconic platformers is firmly fixed in the 90s, they’re surprisingly playable today."

It's good to have the old bandicoot back, isn't it?

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What was your Game of the Month for June 2017? Do you agree with our winner, or even our nominees? Remember to vote in our poll, and then spill your opinions in the comments section below.

What was your Game of the Month for June 2017? (63 votes)

  1. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy46%
  2. Nex Machina21%
  3. Tekken 710%
  4. WipEout Omega Collection13%
  5. Other11%

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