Sony PlayStation 1

It sometimes gets lost in the predominantly United States-based gaming media just how dominant Sony is in Europe. For example, when the Xbox 360 was at its peak, the Japanese giant was actually clipping at its heels with the PlayStation 3, and that was partly led by the performance of the platform across Continental Europe.

And now the manufacturer finds itself on top globally with the PS4, it’s Europe once again that’s propelling it way ahead of the competition. PlayStation Europe chief Jim Ryan noted in an interview with TIME prior to E3 2017 that it’s actually outselling the competition 3-to-1 in the territory, and he’s added that the platform holder won’t allow anyone to eat into its lead.

“We’ve been in Europe for a long, long time now and we take Europe very seriously, whether it’s localisation, local presence, all of these things,” Ryan said in an interview with Game Reactor, when discussing the success of the PS4. “We believe in Europe profoundly, and we won’t let anyone readily encroach on our space.”

Things like the recently announced FIFA 18 marketing deal are really going to ensure that PlayStation remains on top over the next 12 months, but it’s also interesting to see its European studios branch out with more casual experiences like PlayLink and PlayStation VR. Sony’s had huge success with accessible games like SingStar in the past, and it looks like it’s trying to recapture that as this gen matures.