Push Play Best PS4 Music 1

While the first episode of the new Push Play series focused on interesting soundtracks released in April, the follow-up issue is going to deal with releases from May. A wide range of styles of game was on offer this month, and with it came some incredibly varied soundtracks as well, including a surprising goldmine of VR music.


First up, we have one of the month’s PlayStation VR releases.  A visually stunning puzzle game, GNOG’s greatest strength might actually be its music. This is why it’s all the more troubling that a formal soundtrack release doesn’t exist, and we’ve not even heard word on whether one of those is going to happen at all. Here’s to hoping, as Marskye’s work on this title deserves the attention.


While the lead-up to Rime’s release made it look like the development may have been rocky – the final product begs to differ, of course – one component that always looked incredible was the music. The soundtrack has been amazing dating back to the title’s very first trailer, and David García Diaz’s work on the title made sure that stayed true of the final product. The result is an emotionally stirring, beauty of a score, and by year’s end, it’s going to be looked at as one of the best soundtracks of 2017.


The rogue-like inspired heavily by the original DOOM had a lot going for it. One of those areas was the game’s adrenaline pumping music, courtesy of ToyTree. The tongue-in-cheek promotional campaign may have been a riot, but the soundtrack for the title is just, pardon us, damn good.


One of the first properly promoted PlayStation VR exclusives in Sony’s tool belt, Farpoint was a delightful showcase for the new PlayStation VR Aim peripheral. And many people may have stopped there, thinking it was a showcase for the new controller and nothing more. However, they’d be missing out on the game’s surprisingly good story and incredible music. We actually got to interview composer Stephen Cox about making the music for the game for anyone interested.

Were there any releases recently that caught your fancy? Any game soundtracks we should have mentioned? Give us a shout in the comments!