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It may have been the basis for a question in our E3 community predictions quiz, but realistically, most of us weren't expecting Bethesda to even mention The Elder Scrolls VI at its press conference - and it didn't. Despite Bethesda's constant denial, however, we've always assumed that the project is underway behind closed doors. Not so, according to the company.

Speaking to PCGamesN, vice president of PR and marketing Pete Hines shot down the rumours once again. "[Bethesda Game Studios] have at least two major titles they are working on before we’re going to get to Elder Scrolls VI," Hines told the publication.

Now, we know that Bethesda has some sort of new property in the works, and Todd Howard has previously said that the studio is working on multiple large-scale projects, so holding off on a new Elder Scrolls title seems to make sense. That said, we didn't see anything new from the developer at Bethesda's E3 showcase the other day, so we suppose that the speculation's going to continue for some time to come.

What do you think? Is The Elder Scrolls VI really in development? Temper your expectations in the comments section below.

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