Cities: Skylines will dig out its hard hat and begin construction on the PlayStation 4 from 15th August. The city building simulation launched on Xbox One recently, but was clearly only bound to a few months of exclusivity, as already a port is on the agenda – and this version will launch with the After Dark expansion included for free.

As a city-building simulation, there’s lots to Paradox Interactive’s popular release: this isn’t just about building, but also management. “Want to build the all-green-energy and self-sustaining town of the future? Have a diabolical plan to build a dam across the river and funnel wastewater into your tourism district?” the PlayStation Blog ponders. These are all options open to you.

Other options will include whether you buy the game physically or digitally, as there’ll be a retail version of the title available in stores if you don’t want to plump up for the PlayStation Store edition. Check out the announcement trailer embedded above and let us know if you’ll be digging into this title come 15th August.