PSone Crash Bandicoot Case 1

Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy is all about N. Ostalgia. Meh, that gag didn’t really work, did it? Anyway, the point is that Naughty Dog’s iconic ‘coot is coming to the PlayStation 4 because so many fans – now with crow’s feet and greying hair – grew up with the character in the 90s. But while we like the title’s boxart, it’s missing something.

If publisher Activision really wants to double-down on nostalgia, then it’ll make this PSone-themed case a reality. This design has been mocked up by graphic designer Dan Tiller, who in addition to being a bit of PlayStation aficionado is a right talented sod. Seriously, how cool does this case look? It’s missing cracks and a broken hinge for true authenticity, but it’s close.

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