Macabre mental health adventure The Town of Light will shine on the PlayStation 4 from 6th June, developer has revealed on the PlayStation Blog. The game – which sees you assume the role of Renèe, a former patient returning to the real-life Italian asylum of Volterra – aims to explore the taboos associated with the psychiatric facilities of yore.

With such heavy subject matter, the developer has shot a live-action trailer to introduce the tone of the title. “The video shows Renée, in 1944, 6 years after she was admitted to the psychiatric hospital,” explained creative director Luca Dalco. “She is recording the memories of her life before being admitted to a diary that you will find within the game, the memories within now lost.”

The game will release on 6th June, but if you’d like to know a little more about it, you can read our hands on impressions through here.