Eternal Ring PS4 PS2 PlayStation From Software

From Software wasn’t always a household name behind some of the biggest action role-playing games in the industry, y’know? Prior to the surprise success of Demon’s Souls, the Japanese developer was making niche titles like the King’s Field series and Eternal Ring. Speaking of which, the latter is set to release on the PlayStation 4 next week as a PS2 Classic.

To be honest, your humble host knows next to nothing about this one, other than that it’s a first-person RPG released in 2000 around the world. The Trophies are already live and unfortunately there’s no Platinum attached, but the game will obviously be up-ressed and be compatible with all of the PS4 operating system’s features.

It’s the second PS2 Classic due out next week, as Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is scheduled to release on Tuesday as well. It definitely feels like these are coming much more frequently now. What are you hoping is next? Check out our list of 41 PS2 Classics that we want on the PS4, and share some of your suggestions below.