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You should know the saying by now: release a sub-par game and EA’s going to make you pay the price. Not heard that one before? No, us neither, but it sounds like Mass Effect: Andromeda’s mixed reception may have temporarily put a nail in the coffin of the once excellent sci-fi series. The ever-reliable Jason Schreier of Kotaku reports that the franchise has been put on indefinite hiatus, and developer BioWare Montreal has been scaled down.

According to sources, many of the studio’s employees have been moved to nearby EA Motive, where work is ongoing on Star Wars Battlefront II. The remaining staff at BioWare Montreal will help to support BioWare's other projects, including a new intellectual property which could very well be announced at E3 2017 next month, even if it doesn’t appear to be releasing any time soon.

Of course none of this means that Mass Effect is done forever. Only this week, CEO Andrew Wilson spoke positively of the series, saying “our expectations for Mass Effect are still strong for the future and the franchise overall”. But as of right now, it seems there are no immediate plans for the property, and it’s impossible to speculate when it will make a return. It’s amazing to think that one of the darlings of the previous generation is dimming so soon.