PaRappa the Rapper Remastered Release Date 1

Sony's getting proper nostalgic this year with PlayStation 4 ports of PaRappa the Rapper and LocoRoco, and now the platform holder has revealed when you can expect to play them. Master Onion's up first, as you'll be able to kick punch your way through the Japanese giant's remastered PSone classic PaRappa the Rapper starting 28th March in North America and 4th April in Europe. In the Old World, the game will cost you £11.99, but you'll be able to get it for £9.59 if you're a PlayStation Plus member and you pre-order.

The title will be followed by the port of legendary PlayStation Portable platformer LocoRoco, which will hit the PS4 on 9th May in both North America and Europe. Again, it'll cost £11.99 in the Old World, but PlayStation Plus members will be able to secure a 20 per cent discount if you pre-order. Both titles will come with spruced up visuals, Trophy support, and PS4 Pro functionality. Will you be purchasing either of these iconic outings? Beg for Pata-pata-patapon in the comments section below.

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