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This has really blown up, hasn't it? Arguably the biggest story of the week, Mass Effect: Andromeda has some rather terrible animations - we're talking worse than usual BioWare animations kind of terrible. Naturally, the gaming sphere is currently flooded with gifs, videos, and clips of the game's shoddy human faces and horrible running animations. It's not a pretty sight, to put it lightly.

Indeed, it's sad to see the return of such a well-loved series be completely undermined by all this negativity - although it's admittedly quite difficult to argue that said negativity isn't deserved. We're sure that both EA and BioWare are currently looking at this mess and shaking their heads - that early EA Access trial has certainly backfired, hasn't it?

As always, though, we really want to know what you lot think. This week's Friday Poll asks the one big question: has the Andromeda backlash put you off the game? Vote in our poll, and then let the opinions flow in the comments section below.

Has the Mass Effect: Andromeda backlash put you off the game? (235 votes)

  1. Yes, I can't get over how bad it looks34%
  2. I'm not bothered - I'll still be playing it23%
  3. No, I think this whole thing is overblown17%
  4. I wasn't going to buy it anyway27%

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Has the animation quality made you worry about Mass Effect: Andromeda as a whole? (209 votes)

  1. Yes, I'm seriously worried that it'll be bad35%
  2. Kind of, I definitely have some worries41%
  3. No, I think the overall game will still be good24%

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