mass effect andromeda reset skill points

There are a lot of skills to toy with in Mass Effect: Andromeda. From combat techniques to biotic powers to tech abilities, the numerous skill trees that are available to you right from the beginning of the game can seem incredibly daunting. As such, it's reasonably easy to pump your skill points into areas that you later ignore - and this ultimately means that you've wasted points on skills that you simply don't need. Again, it's an easy mistake to make.

So, can you reset your skill points? Fortunately, the answer is yes, there is a way to reset both Ryder's and your squad's skill points, allowing you to remove all of your invested points before spending them on the skills that you actually want. This quick guide explains the process.

How to reset skill points in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Here's how to re-spec Ryder and your squadmates in Mass Effect: Andromeda:

Find the re-spec station

Near the beginning of the game, once you've completed the prologue, Ryder will gain access to the Tempest - your ship. In order to reset your skill points, hop on board the Tempest and head to the medbay.

The medbay can be found the lower floor of the Tempest. From the cockpit where you select which planet you want to visit, head out of the main doors and climb down one of the two ladders. Facing away from the ladder, walk down the corridor and enter the second room on your left. This is the medbay.

Once inside the medbay, turn left and head to the complex-looking medical equipment on the far wall. To the left of the hologram's head, there should be a prompt that reads 'Re-Spec Station'. Interact with it.

Choose a character and reset your skills

After interacting with the re-spec station, you'll need to pick which character you want to re-spec. Once you've made your decision, a message will appear on screen asking if you want to spend a certain amount of credits to reset your skills. Press yes to reset that character's skill points.

The cost of resetting your skills increases every time you use the re-spec station, so choose wisely.

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