To be honest, we wrote that headline prior to looking at Everything's fulfilment bar on YouTube, and we're both surprised (and a little delighted) to see that it's been received fairly positively by PlayStation's five million plus subscribers. The game – which is part of Sony's awesome Spring-based Play Collective – has a pretty bold sales pitch: you can control… Well, everything.

The developer's promising over one million years of gameplay, so you may want to get started on this one before digging into the rest of your backlog. It's essentially a simulated universe where you can take control of everything that exists within it – as well as, we assume, the universe itself. Alright, this is already blowing our brains.

If you've watched the video embedded above – which is narrated by the late British philosopher Alan Watts – then you'll probably come to the conclusion that this project is a little… Out-there. But it's the brainchild of filmmaker David OReilly who previously made a game about a mountain, so that shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

While the jury's still out about how valuable this experience will actually be, we love that it's allowed to exist. PlayStation's always been about the diversity of experiences available, and that spans more than just first-person shooters and role-playing games these days; throw as much crazy at us as we can hold, and we'll help you find the stuff that's really worth your time.