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Only adding fuel to the 'wait six months before you buy it' debate, Mass Effect: Andromeda launched in a sorry state last week. The game's not outright broken, but it's easily one of the buggiest big-budget titles that we've played on PlayStation 4. Fortunately, EA and BioWare are on the case.

A list of known bugs has been posted over on the EA Answers forum. Supposedly, all of the stuff that's there is currently being worked on, so we'll hopefully see an update release soon.

Here's said list:

Known Mass Effect: Andromeda Bugs


  • Squadmates may repeatedly teleport on top of the player, and may follow when told not to.


  • Objects in space may rotate slowly or may appear jittery when using the right control stick.


  • PS4 - Repeatedly skipping opening cinematics on the Remnant City critical path mission can cause Ryder to hang in mid-air.
  • Game does not save often enough during main missions.
  • We are aware of some areas where progression events may fail to trigger. If you encounter this you may be able to get past this by leaving the area and returning


  • Running in a zig-zag pattern can result in Ryder entering an unintended animation state.
  • Audio may stop during play. Closing and restarting the game will restore audio.
  • Immediately creating a new Ryder after exiting a current playthrough can result in Journal quest items carrying over and a number of bugson the Hyperion.

See any problems that you've stumbled across? Assume a t-pose in the comments section below.