Nioh PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Part of the reason Koei Tecmo teamed up with Sony on Nioh in the West was to raise the title's profile, and the manufacturer's managed to do just that. For the past few months, the game's received a lot of PlayStation Blog coverage, and we've been seeing a fair few commercials on websites that we frequent as well as on YouTube.

The problem is that the platform holder doesn't appear to have shipped enough copies. is currently sold out, with the retailer quoting a 1 to 2 month fulfilment timeline. There are copies available at Amazon UK, but we've been contacted by a couple of readers who have told us that GAME is completely out of stock. We reached out to our local store and were informed that the shipment wasn't big.

This is a problem that's been happening quite a lot lately actually. This author had to wait an extra week for Yakuza 0 because stock completely ran dry, while Gravity Rush Remastered is currently commanding a premium price in the US due to its rarity. But is this a case of undershipping or a sudden surge in demand for these more niche releases?

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