For months, we've been telling people to be wary of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy supposedly being exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Yes, it was announced at Sony's E3 press conference, and yes, Crash is obviously a classic PlayStation character, but the remade trilogy is being published by Activision - the company that currently owns the property, and has done for many years.

Not once has Sony or Activision stressed that the collection would be entirely exclusive to the PS4 - and that's always the telltale sign. The initial trailer would have been stamped with "only on PS4" if that was the case - but both companies have kept quiet on the matter.

Again, we've been saying this ever since it was announced - but some onlookers just wouldn't have it. A few days ago, PlayStation Ireland's official Twitter account foolishly stated that the trilogy would indeed be a PS4 exclusive when replying to an inquisitive fan - but that tweet has since been deleted. In its place, the account now states: "To clarify our earlier post, it will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro first." In other words, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is more than likely a timed exclusive that will be coming to other platforms at a later date.

Sorry to burst the bubble and all that.