VR Ping Pong PS4 PlayStation 4 1

For all of the amazing games on the PlayStation 3, some of your humble host's fondest memories are of playing table tennis in Sports Champions. The controls and physics in that particular minigame were just brilliant, and while the package as a whole was quite soulless, this author lost many an hour to it, batting balls back at plain faced protagonists.

VR Ping Pong looks set to scratch that same itch on the PlayStation 4. Leaked today thanks to its Trophy set appearing online, the PlayStation VR powered ping pong title should release imminently. This is already available on PC, where its simplistic visuals but quality physics have garnered plaudits, so we're weirdly excited to see how the console version stacks up.

Plus, the Platinum looks pretty darn easy, doesn't it?

[source psnprofiles.com]