Bugger, and we were really hoping for that Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age release date. Square Enix has revealed its "exciting announcement", confirming what the many whispers were suggesting: the Japanese publisher is teaming up with Marvel to work on a string of unannounced titles. The first is currently known as 'The Avengers project', and you can watch the teaser trailer above.

It only makes sense for a company like Marvel to properly expand its properties into the video game market, and we suppose that Square Enix and its multiple studios are willing to tag along - we just hope that we're not flooded with superhero games every other month. A big budget, PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man title is already in the works at Insomnaic Games, remember.

Anyway, does this sound exciting to you? Are you up for a slew of Marvel games over the next few years? Fight for justice in the comments section below.

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