inFAMOUS First Light PS4 Sucker Punch Rumours 1

Sucker Punch's next game will not be an inFAMOUS sequel, but an all-new intellectual property. That's according to industry know-it-all Shinobi602, who alluded as much in a NeoGAF post overnight. While we try to steer clear of the "insider" bubble, the poster's track record speaks for itself; he teased the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone long before they were revealed, and has been behind several other accurate rumours.

It's been a while since inFAMOUS: First Light released, so we reckon that the Seattle-based studio is probably on track for an E3 2017 reveal. Job listings suggest that its new game will be open world, and it was linked with Spider-Man for a while before Insomniac Games was officially confirmed to be at the helm. We like inFAMOUS so we would have happily accepted another, but it's probably the right time for some fresh ideas from the firm.