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Looks like our speculation was bang on the money, as Eurogamer is reporting that Deus Ex has been placed on hiatus. According to the site, Eidos Montreal is moving on from Adam Jensen as it takes the reins of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which was leaked late last year. The studio is also helping Crystal Dynamics make the recently revealed Avengers game, while a small team has been put in charge of pre-production on a Guardians of the Galaxy title.

There's no date for any of the abovementioned games – don't expect them anytime soon – but it means that Deus Ex is done with for the time being. Eidos Montreal had planned a third instalment intended to wrap up the threads left dangling at the end of Mankind Divided but, put plainly, it sounds like the studio now has bigger robo-fish to fry. Of course, it's not a surprise given the tepid sales of the series' most recent release.

The good news is that one final DLC drop is planned for last year's title, which will release on 23rd February and will act as a prequel to the main game. Square Enix is also still saying publicly that it's committed to "expanding" the Deus Ex universe, but realistically we reckon that it's very much done – at least for the time being anyway. Will you miss Jensen and his ostentatiously gravelly voice, or do you think that it's time to move on? Scout the comments section below.