ps4 53 million sales.jpg

Ever since Microsoft stopped reporting on its Xbox One numbers, actually gauging the difference in sales between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 has been difficult. We obviously know that Sony's system is in the lead - it's been the world's best selling console since 2014, after all - but just how big is the gap between the two current-gen machines?

Well, according a new report from SuperData Research - a leading market intelligence provider - the PS4 has actually sold twice as many units as the Xbox One. The analysis pegs Microsoft's device at just 26 million, while we already know that Sony's console sits at a whopping 53 million. In other words, the lead that the PS4 has at this point is absolutely huge. Indeed, if the report is accurate, it shows the kind of sales gap that we haven't seen since the PS2 era.

What do you make of this? Does the report come as a shock, or are these the kind of numbers that you were expecting? Give your PS4 a cheeky wink in the comments section below.