PlayStation VR Japan Lines 1
Image: Kaztsu

Hundreds of Japanese gamers lined up to buy PlayStation VR in Japan today. As we're sure you know, the headset launched last year in the region, but similarly to the rest of the world, it's been out of stock for months now. Sony's done such an awful job meeting demand that many people waited outside major retailers overnight for a chance to buy the device – a purchase wasn't even guaranteed.

At chains like Bic Camera and Sofmap, raffles were drawn early in the morning to decide who could and couldn't purchase the peripheral. Those lucky enough to have their tickets drawn were given until 16:00 local time to snag the futuristic facemask.

The word on social media is that the all of the new stock is now gone, though many lining up for the headset expressed interest in flipping the product online for a profit. Of course, this reinforces the notion that any failure PlayStation VR may face in the short-term can be attributed directly to Sony's sluggish supply chain; the product simply isn't sticking around in stores long enough to be deemed a flop yet.