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A calculated demonstration of the power of social media or a subtle hint? Only the senior manager of community engagement at EA knows the answer to that. All it took was a single hashtag for Daniel Lingen to send the Internet into a frothing frenzy: Skate 4. You may not know this, but the publisher's social media accounts have been inundated with requests for the skateboarding sequel for months now. So, is it happening?

Well, pertinent to this conversation is the fact that Lingen hosted a panel about community engagement not long after the tweet was dispatched, so it may have played a part in his talk. In fact, that seems much more likely than an employee just randomly revealing potentially sensitive information, doesn't it?

Still, the attention that the tweet has received proves that there's still plenty of pent-up demand for a new extreme sports title coming out of EA. Do you think that it'll ever deliver? Personally, we wouldn't be surprised if it'd already hopped back on its board behind-the-scenes.