Having appeared at Sony's PlayStation Experience 2016 showcase over the weekend, it's safe to say that one of PlayStation's original mascots is back with a bang. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy looked even better than we had hoped it would in its very first gameplay trailer, which prompted us to say that the current-gen package looks more like a collection of remakes rather than remasters.

"We consider it kind of like a AAA remaster", says Dan Tanguay of developer Vicarious Visions. "The team approaches it like they would any other original title - it's getting that much love and care", he continues. Indeed, most of the project has been rebuilt from the ground up, with the studio making careful use of the level geometry that's found in the original games. Fellow developer Kara Massie adds: "The team is really, really passionate about getting this right and doing right by fans."

You can watch the full post-presser interview above, which also includes some direct footage of the trilogy in action.

Has Vicarious Visions pulled it off? Will the PlayStation 4 collection live up to expectations? Wake up on a beach in the comments section below.