PS4 Slim PlayStation 4 1

Sony's dominating this generation globally, but it's just starting to receive a few reminders that it can't sit twiddling its thumbs in the UK and the USA, where Microsoft is staging a bit of an onslaught right now. To be fair, the company's position is not in jeopardy, but MCV reports that the PS4 controlled just 19 per cent of the market share in Britain for the week ending 24th September, while the Xbox One S enjoyed 71 per cent.

Context is important here: Microsoft introduced a FIFA 17 bundle early at a distinctly low price, and there were even some retailer offers which allowed people to obtain it cheaper. However, the Japanese giant may be concerned by the fact that it's down 66 per cent year-over-year for the same period, despite the introduction of the PS4 Slim and the impending arrival of PlayStation VR. This all perhaps puts a little extra pressure on the PS4 Pro to perform.

To be fair to the platform holder, it's not simply sitting around twiddling its thumbs. Today's roster of ridiculous £150 bundles will likely see Sony's system take total charge again, though it has endured a little stretch over the past few months where the news cycle hasn't been particularly kind to the brand. It's a wake-up call, then, but it's got so much ready to drop over the next couple of months that we can't see these trends maintaining for too long.